Darker and Happy New Year

The Snow Parade

Just when I thought I wouldn’t get worse, I did.

The key is to continue on with the show.

I had my reservations. I mean do I have to do this or that? Am I so compelled to do the work here and there?

The answer is yes.

No Excuses and Complaints

I must not offer excuses and complaints; It is a waste of time. I saw this a few times with students protesting a mistake here and there and moaning about how if this answer was right, they can go home.

Here’s the thing. If they took the mistakes and learn the lessons of their mistakes and do the work of redoing their test, they will be much better for it. But all they learned was being grumpy and see me as the villain. I feel bad about it, but I can’t change their thoughts.

The Awful End?

It’s unfortunate that I’ll end my post in 2016 with sadness and despair. Yet, upon us all, a little rain (and snow) must fall.

I feel comfort that I can still work. I can still write. I can still draw. That I can still smile and love.

2017, here we come.

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