Curiousity and Creativity

I Hear Crickets

And deserved to be so.

I’ve been away because I lost my way. I let the other parts of my life (family, work, menial stuff) take away the most important resource I have: time.

Family, My Job and Menial Stuff

Now it’s important to spend time on family, job, and menial stuff.

I do care about Da Missus and Da Boys. They are very important in my life. I love them dearly and really wish to be there as much I can.

I do care about my job as an English teacher. It brings the bread and butter for me. My family has a roof over our heads, the food on the table. I get to continue personal projects like Cyper, though it was dormant.

I do care about the menial stuff. They take care of the things happening around the house. The laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning up the apartment, social media. They keep the order and they’re fun to do.

So, what brings me back to Cyper?

Curiousity and Creativity

I want to live more life.

I want to explore the things I’m interested about. I want to experiment (like Tim Ferriss) with parts of my life and see how I can become better.

Throughout the years in writing posts in Cyper, the things I had most fun were the ideas in my mind. They would come like a dream, like a shooting star. They come to me like a cloud or a flash of light. Sometimes they come to my hands and reach the realm of reality through words. Sometimes I have to chase them down, like I was playing a game of tag or Red Rover.

It’s a game. It’s a question of why.

As I continue to write, I feel the light inside. I remember what made Cyper so much fun. I get to create… something!

Whether it was elegant or crude, the process of creation and completion is wonderful.

Like almost every post, it almost doesn’t happen. The choice to turn on my computer, iPad, iPhone, get to the Cyper website and write it down. So I thought of writing the words down in a notebook or app.

That decision to get to any medium to create is difficult.

The first few words plunked down is awkward.

But if I can stay long enough to finally catch that spark or cumulus cloud, then the effort is gone.

The idea takes over and becomes reality.

I saw my iPad on the drawer. I saw a spark flying into my hands.

I’m back today. I won’t worry about tomorrow. I’ll let my curiousity lead me on the path of adventure.

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