Desperation and Method

Know that desperation can create feeble results if you mind, heart, and soul was totally consumed by it.

Desperation also creates energy and an unusual amount of focus and drive.

A balance must be struck.

Practice of any task is a given. How much? Where the muscle memory is firmly in place. That means your mind can do other things while the muscles move automatically.

A tremendous amount of practice alllows us to ride a bicycle without any hands.

Tons of practice allows the pianist to play a complex piece with controlled speed and volume.

What can be said about desperation? It can be used to our advantage if we set the right choices and circumstances.

If we can, we should prepare for the encounter, determine the outcomes, determines the multiple steps to create a result that is favorable.

Plans can be thrown out of the window at any moment. But different plans made allow the mind to see the playing field.

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