When you’re desperate, you don’t want anything to stop you at all.

For me, I have a bunch of things I want to get done. I want to draw. I want to write. I want to build my online endeavors.

Reality states I can only do so much. I’d rather beg to differ. I push myself a little harder to do the work. Getting a chance to do the things I like is worth my time.

I certainly enjoy the process when I get going. But there’s a strong discomfort before I type my first key or make that first stroke with a pencil or pen.

That’s the reason why my first sentence isn’t even a first sentence: it’s just me banging on the keyboard spewing random keys. And when I sketch, I do a lot of scribbling to let the monkey off my back: the sketch is junk; now let’s do a little better.

The fear is always going to be there. Discomfort is nearly a given.

So I make most of it. I let myself enjoy the process, the comfort and discomfort. I smile because I actually am getting through it.

The tool I have on hand is the opportunity I get to use. In this case, it’s my iPhone. How often do I get the chance to do that these days? Not very much…

I accept all the feelings, including the discomfort. I think I’ll be better for it. I can learn a lot from the things that bug me.

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