The (Tank) Notebook I know how important my notebook is. It has been around since 2009. My parents brought it from Canada as a birthday gift to me. When I got it, it was up-to-date technology and had everything I needed to do my work. 8 years after, it’s still like a reliable tank. It’s heavy and […]

Today I earned money, opportunities. Today I paid money, opportunities. It happens everyday. Today was a bit bigger than usual. Some of the costs were so big that other opportunities were shut. I did get angry. I did point the fingers and blamed. The truth of the matter is, the pointing should be drawn towards […]

I’m reminded time and time again to know where I am now and know where I’m heading. I’m in the midst of a potentially hectic schedule. I’ve flubbed a few things due to procrastination (that will never go away) and finding other things that are much more pleasure like games and Facebook. The time wasters […]

French and Chinese Farmers On the weekends, I’m sometimes like a French peasant in the wintertime. I’ve read from the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell that they stay in their beds during the wintery season doing more or less nothing after working at the fields from spring to fall. It’s not like the Chinese farmers who […]

A little late on the post… Better late than never. A Call Back As I was driving with Da Missus to a lunch meeting with her friend and husband, I passed by one of the places I used to work for. It brought some memories, the good and not so good. It’s funny how the […]

The Daily Tasks 10 to 20 minutes of meditation. Reading and following instructions for a free coding course, step by step. Writing different daily journals for 15 minutes. Listening to binaural beats to (hopefully) raise my levels of concentration and work ethic. Reading (sometimes) 50 pages a day of a book. That one I gotta […]

The Tests Are Done So I had lunch with the teachers at the institute. The quarterly tests are done. The final exams at school are done. Time to celebrate with food at the buffet! I ate well. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The Thursday Morning Routine I swam at 6. I skipped breakfast. Well, […]

A fine day to rest in the middle of the week. Quarterly test time allows that. After sending the Da Boy out to school and Da Little One to kindergarten, Da Missus and I headed off to a restaurant that served food on… bamboo. We needed to reserve our spot two hours before since it […]

Today was test day. Students of different grades from elementary to middle school tested their English skills to either be promoted or (possibly) demoted at the institute. It’s not likely for students to go down, but I’ve seen student rise. This quarterly examination reminded me that we are tested, big and small. Some days we succeed […]

On the Mend After two weeks and finally taking Da Little One to kindergarten, Da Missus dragged me to the hospital to treat my the pain in my right forearm. But as I’ve always learned, the source of the pain isn’t where I thought it would be. Heel Pain Isn’t Heel Pain For example, several […]