Why Work so Late? Call it an exercise of trying to do the right thing. For me. I win some fights. I lose some fights. Tired from Seoul Land After having a great day at Seoul Land with my family and Da Missus’s friend’s familt, I was beat. I didn’t think I had it in […]

And they’ve been great. I’m relatively well rested. I’ve gained weight. I don’t have much time to do the work. But I trudge on as I can. The days went so quickly. This morning was an impromptu clean up at home. We cleared the veranda, folded up the boxes and clothes for recycling, and vacuumed the […]

When I see Da Little One, I see a bundle of energy. He starts slow enough. If I don’t wake him up, he gets a bit late, around 10:00 am. But when he’s up, he’s a force of nature. When he plays with his toys, I can hear him screaming out words in English and […]

The Great Chuseok Holidays With the Chuseok holidays in progress (9 whole days!), working on my goals is a challenge. So the holidays are the path, enjoyed and appreciated with doing the work. My mind is, to say at least, all over the place. At any time, Da Missus can come and ask me for […]

Before the Israelites entered into Canaan, Moses (and later Joshua) would tell them to be strong and courageous. To trust in God. Believe that they can conquer the land God had promised. Mind you the Israelite had to do this by themselves. Of course, they were guided by God, a higher power. But anyone that […]