Owning my Mistakes

This will be a triple header.

In the morning, I plan to write 2 posts from my head. If possible, I’ll try for 3. For a change, I’m writing them in the morning instead of late at night. This happened for several reasons.

Not Enough Time

I admit this time has always been a very busy time since I became an English teacher. It’s a busy time for students: Even though they’re on winter vacation, parents bombard them with special classes offered by academies ranging from English, math, to Taekwondo and art.

I have this awful habit of sleeping late at night and waking up much later than I’d like.

My average sleep time is about 5 hours to compensate for the lack of time, but that brought me to more issues.

Less Effective Time Usage

I’m not using my time wisely.

Already 11 days into 2019, I feel time is slipping through my hands like sand. It is making me feel guilty and stressed.

Every single day, I feel like I can do more. I should do more. A lot of self-imposed stress on myself.

Why am I not doing those projects? Why am I falling to my vices? Why do I feel so tired?

Complain And Blame

It seems everyone around me is a problem. Only when I start teaching classes, the compassion comes out. The humour. The lessons.

Maybe I should be in teacher mode all day so I’m caring and funny all the time. The other side of the coin is draining my life like no other.

Combating the Things Mentioned above

  1. Avoid the blame game. Never blame yourself, others, the circumstances. See them as opportunities for you to learn,
  2. Use the spare minutes in being creative. Be like my students: Doodle here and there. I did that when I was younger. Take that pencil and see where that leads.
  3. Those alarms you’ve set to see something positive or asking yourself what are you resisting, take the time to do them.
  4. Do your work early, like 5 am early. No more excuses, sleep early and rise early. Meditate. Write a post. Read for an hour. Work on your project for at least a solid hour.
  5. Be kind to everyone, including yourself. Cry a bit if needed. Then get back up and tell yourself, “You can do this and get it done.”

Notes And Arrghs

  • My apologies for missing the last couple of posts. This post and the next were written on Friday.
  • My mind is so keen on making excuses. Instead, I’ll do my work and write out the posts. Stay tuned and thanks.

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