I get a call from Da Missus around 7:30. I knew what to do. I had to get dressed with Da Little One and head to the hospital. I did my best to wash up quickly with Da Little One and got our clothes on. We headed down to the car and drove us to […]

I hear noises around the front. The time was 7:20. Da Missus had come home, staying over night to take care of Da Boy. That morning at 9, Da Boy had surgery on his left wrist. There was a bulge sticking out and we wanted treated before he went back to school. I was groggy. […]

I guess some sort of fear will always be around each day I live. Gotta give it to God when I remember. I realize that I can’t control the things outside. But I can make the choices I want within. It took some time for me to write something. That was because I was busy? […]