And I’m a little chubby. A small start and potentially lead to big gains. An early, small start is like a butterfly flapping its wings and becoming a massive storm on the other side of the world. Well, not really. But small daily changes is a big deal. Recorded on paper. In a journal. It’s […]

I’m feeling sick. Down with a cold. It started as a sore throat. It was slightly sore, not exactly painful. Then my nose started dripping and my body started to feel heavy. And this was Monday. For most of this morning, I had a hard time moving. My body ached. It was cold. It was […]

I screwed up. Badly. I wanted to take Da Little One to his first day of school. Make a good impression. Instead I did the opposite and got chewed out by Da Missus. Everything I could’ve done wrong I did. I couldn’t understand all the things going on. I haven’t much experience in a crowd. […]