Get Emotional

I’m feeling sick. Down with a cold.

It started as a sore throat. It was slightly sore, not exactly painful. Then my nose started dripping and my body started to feel heavy. And this was Monday.

For most of this morning, I had a hard time moving. My body ached. It was cold. It was almost welcoming since I was fortunately in good health for the past few months.

I somehow walked Da Little One to school. He had a lot of stuff he needed to take there.

Colour pencils, name pens, pastels, notebooks.

Textbooks, files. The lot.

It was quite of stuff for Da Little One to take. We walked to school. We went up the stairs. I could see parents and kids going up and down the stairs, getting ready for class.

When Da Little One got to his hanger, where his slippers were, I gave him his backpack and paper bag, filled with his supplies. He took them, went in, and said bye as I made my way back to the stairs.

Then I went back home and became immobile for most of the morning.

When Da Missus left for an interview around 11:30, I forced myself to move around.

I took a shower to warm up. Then I made lunch, made up of rice, kimchi, and two ham-bag steaks. I popped my vitamins and omega-3s and went to the English institute.

Get Emotional

I was still comatose through the meeting and drinking coffee.

I realized if I wanted to get charged up, I have to get emotional.

So I picked this song:

Get a little teary-eyed about it.

Got the blood flowing. Not exactly shocking my system but getting myself riled.

I’m almost back. That’s good enough for me to do the work. By the time I get to my first class, I’m ready to go.

We need triggers in our lives to do the things that are difficult. I can see why many successful people wake up early and go at it before the day starts.

I wonder if I have the courage to get to sleep early enough to do the work.

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