Messing up the first Day of School

I screwed up. Badly.

I wanted to take Da Little One to his first day of school. Make a good impression.

Instead I did the opposite and got chewed out by Da Missus.

Everything I could’ve done wrong I did. I couldn’t understand all the things going on. I haven’t much experience in a crowd.

I shouldn’t have gone into the classroom but I did. I gave the phone to Da Little One to talk to Da Missus and that may have left a terrible impression on the new teacher.

Oh, did I mention that I got scolded by Da Missus for all that?

The lessons Remain

Wow, the mobile version of writing posts is much, much better. Good going WordPress.

Back to what happened.

It’s not the end of the world. Maybe I did something that’ll linger with the teacher. Hopefully not.

If I walk with Da Little One in grade 3, make a mental note to avoid going in the classroom.

Just get in and get out.

Guide and never interfere. Let Da Little One learn and make his mistakes.

Despite the potential pain and suffering, I got my mistakes I gotta learn. And hopefully be better for it.

Never go too high. Never go too low.

Seek the things I need to learn. And be better for it.

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