Seemingly Impossible

The second that seems the same is not. One example that clearly showed me this (and I need constant reminders) is the helical model of the solar system.

I remember seeing this, slightly shocked, and realized, while living in the confines of time, we are in constant movement. We are changing whether we like it or not.

Stress comes from making the effort of being the same.

So change is inevitable. And we can push ourselves to be better or worse or the same.

And if we want to be anything we want, some things will come easier than others.

And yes, it does take effort to become worse.

So I posit this to myself: If change is constant, why not make the changes I want in life? And at the end of the day ask, “What did I improve? Did I do things towards my goal?”

It doesn’t matter if I “succeed” or “fail”. As long as I make the effort to work toward my goals, I win. If I don’t, I lose.

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