This is an experiment. The article I read yesterday recommended Rev if I wanted to earn money doing audio transcription. So I went in. I didn’t know what was a better choice between a Transcriptionist or a Captioner, so I choose the first one and see what happens next. Oh? Oh, okay. I’ll try for […]

I Ran Out of Time I can’t think of anything else to say than I ran out of time. I am conflicted since I wanted to do the work every single day. And yesterday, I ran into a brick wall. But I am reminded that my health is a top priority and I went to […]

Life is tough. I feel it now. I am feeling under the weather. I have a watery nose. If I knew how to earn money for as long as I live, I’m sure it wouldn’t be so hard. Age is a factor. I can only do so much with the work I am doing now. […]

Taking a Beating My body is feeling worse. I’m feeling it on parts of the right side of my body. My head hurts. My neck hurts more. And my stomach hurts after eating dinner. What a perfect time to write today’s post. I already make my itsy bitty song. Did I just make up two […]

Lots of Things to Do and I Do Nothing Yes, this is me trying to convince myself that doing a bunch of nothing all day is alright. I do a lot of nothing on Saturdays. Sometimes, I will help Da Boys here and there with things. Sometimes, I do some work. At the end of […]

Three Days In The third day of January. While I’m doing two-thirds of the work earlier in the day, the writing is done late… much to my dismay. But what can I do? I have only so much time in the day. I could spend less time on my leisure, sure… But I’m spending a […]

After a wonderful New Year’s Day spent with the in-laws, it was time to get back to the daily grind. At the English institute, I have noticed how hectic everything is. No one to blame for the chaos, the classes. If there is anyone, it is me and me alone. I don’t know how much […]

A New Start Every day is a new beginning. Treat the morning as something new, wondrous. Appreciate the morning with a prayer and thanks. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie The past needs to be left alone. It is done. It is gone. At best, the past teaches lessons that need to be learned today so that […]