Life is Chaotic and Orderly

After a wonderful New Year’s Day spent with the in-laws, it was time to get back to the daily grind. At the English institute, I have noticed how hectic everything is.

No one to blame for the chaos, the classes. If there is anyone, it is me and me alone.

I don’t know how much time I have today to do the work. I still have my goals to draw and write. I finished making music in the morning. I’m writing the post now. I won’t have much time to draw and finish the bits of writing in my journal.

The hectic schedule persists tomorrow. The challenges in front of me has to be dealt with. I have to go through that and my work.

At least I have to have proper sleep. I’m hoping to sleep for at least seven hours. It seems less and less likely I may be able to do that.

When I was on the bus, I thought I may not have dinner. But I saw the menu on Kakao Talk, I think I will most likely eat some of it. Or more.

With the writing, I just have to write it out. With my drawings, I just have to draw it out. I feel my energy waning while writing the bus. After eating some food, I got a little more energy. Watching Kung fu Panda may have helped as well.

Not matter how hopeless things are, I grab on to whatever is left.

If I have to fly into the wind, so be it. That too is the way to go. I just have to deal and work. I hope I can make the right decisions as I go. I know it is hard at this point. For now, I write the post, nothing more.

Finishing my goals is hard.

10 Ideas to Push Forward:

  1. Stay on one task until it is done
  2. Break down the tasks to sub-tasks and work on one sub-task
  3. Have a timer and keep the time
  4. It is not how much I do, just get some of it done
  5. When you want to break down completely, take one extra step forward
  6. The fog may not fade, but you can still take a step forward
  7. If you miss a day, you will pay for it in the worst way
  8. Well it isn’t the end of the world
  9. Excuses will definitely mess you up so keep moving
  10. Defeat is only when you stop

A lot of the times I wanted to stop. I still think I will stop sooner than later. I’m sure that day will stop.

Yeah, yeah I know. Be positive. Reframe your mind to think you can do it. Easier said than done?

Especially when you are on fumes? Well, you can still write that much more. You just plunk down whatever is in your mind, right?

I am going to be surprised if I get any comments for this.

There is nothing to comment about unless you want to talk about my ideas.

Well, comment away and see you later 🙂

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