A Lazy Streak

French and Chinese Farmers

On the weekends, I’m sometimes like a French peasant in the wintertime.

I’ve read from the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell that they stay in their beds during the wintery season doing more or less nothing after working at the fields from spring to fall.

It’s not like the Chinese farmers who may work 3,000 hours a year to make their household rich.

Again from Mr. Gladwell, he explains the pains and meticulousness of planting and growing rice. Fields that are made from clay and soil. Water that has to be the right amount each day. And if done right, the rice could be grown twice.

Even when the rice season is done, they aren’t going to curl up into a ball and sleep during non-productive season.

They’ll produce straw hats. They’ll fix their equipment. They keep doing stuff actively. And they celebrate the harvest and the new year.

Now I’m sure it can’t be that French or European farmers aren’t that lazy…

The Weekend Drag

I admit I get a bit lazy on weekends.

When there’s no work at the institute, I like to nap. I like to do a bunch of nothing.

And playing with the smartphone.

The trick is to get my projects to be like things I get to do for fun.

The trick is to stay away from Facebook. It does that a bit of time away.

The trick is to do the work and occupy my mind away from my vices.

The weekend was a wash and I have some good lessons to learn from that.

Tomorrow is a new day and I can start again, early in the morning.

It’s worth remembering what is coming ahead and giving it a shot.

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