A Look Back

A little late on the post… Better late than never.

A Call Back

As I was driving with Da Missus to a lunch meeting with her friend and husband, I passed by one of the places I used to work for.

It brought some memories, the good and not so good.

It’s funny how the not-so-good looks better over time.

There were some good lessons learned, but it was time to move on what’s happening in the present.

Or so it seems.

A couple of days later, I get a message from that former workplace about some things.

How interesting.

I won’t get into the details, but it was good talking to them.

Messing Up Bad

I get days where I don’t do anything.

Today was that day.

It was awful and my fault.

I just didn’t react to what has to be done.

In the past, I beat myself verbally. I go into this state of regret and shame.

It was the only way for me to learn the lesson and avoid falling into the trap.

This time, it wasn’t completely that case.

I did code.

I did write Cyper, albeit late.

I did get my (short) meditation done.

Everything else was a bust.

I couldn’t cheat or buy extra time.

It is was it is.


And it doesn’t feel good at all.

What’s the lesson learned?

Start early.

I’m reminded one reason why I want to get up by 5:30.

Hopefully I can get it.

Even at the cost of less sleep.

I can take a few naps in the afternoon, right?

Second, I gotta use those extra down-time minutes well.

Instead browsing through Facebook, I should browse through the books I want to read, study the things I care about, code, draw.

Something that is moving me toward my goals.

The minutes, seconds are precious. Make most of them.

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