All Work and Some Reward

If I learned anything about doing any sort work, there needs to be some sort of carrot when a portion is done.

So I have Da Boy studying for his final exams over the weekend. In the beginning, it was hard. In hindsight, it was to be expected. Da Boy usually had a slow start when doing things.

We busted heads and it wasn’t fun. Some yelling ensued.

But after a couple hours went by, things started to click for Da Boy. He can feel the groove of getting the work done.

Then my mind thought about a reward for the work. He deserved it.

He likes his chocolate and treats. I had some to give. For each test completed, I handed out a piece of treats for him to eat.

In the early afternoon, he finished one book.

Then a faith step had to be made: He wanted to go out for some cycling. I was uncertain because he doesn’t keep the time well and could be well late, which would break the momentum he has.

But he did quite a bit so far.

So I made some steps to allow it. I put a watch on his left wrist to keep the time. I told him to come back in about an hour.I took out the money out of his pockets since he is prone to buying things.It sucks out a

I took out the money out of his pockets since he is prone to buying things. Buying stuff sucks out a lot of time.

Then I sent him off. I went off doing my own things with the Little One in tow.

A minute late and Da Boy returns. All is well.

I realize that good work is hard to do at the beginning. We have missteps, distractions, possible emergencies that pop up at the most opportune time.

We must be patient in doing the work. We must seek to understand whatever is happening. We must allow ourselves to work through the kinks and hammer out the dents.

Another thing to consider when a portion of the work is complete. A reward is needed. Maybe a cup of coffee, a small bite of chocolate, a small walk or something. Good work needs to be rewarded, especially the milestones.

Da Boy is moving along. The Little One is going crazy on the Tobot, blocks, and other toys. Life goes on.

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