Being Mindful


Breathe deeply and slowly. Close the eyes.

Think about the weight on your chair and the floor.

Be aware the sounds and physical movements on your body.

Let your mind do whatever it wants.

Get back to the environment of sounds and the body.

Open the eyes.

It was nothing like I know about meditation. And I like it.

I realized how little I knew about mindfulness. So I’m taking a journey into being mindful.


I hope that meditation would clear my head when I do other stuff throughout the day.

I hope that meditation would let me become more creative with the work I do.

I hope that meditation would help me realize the goals I’ve longed to do and actually move toward them, to get them done.

I don’t think meditation is a magic bullet.

Meditation alone won’t certainly fix the issues I have with my life. I have to do that.

I believe that meditation will let me focus much better at things in work, play, family, or whatever other things I want to do in life.

I think meditation will help me try to stay in the present moment. I try to be here when I’m writing this post. I look to be persistent and consistent in all the things I do.

It’s more than hope, it’s a belief and backed with the energy and action I have within.

Try not get too high or low. Steady as it goes.

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