Clawing and Scratching Through the Post

Writing 500 words is essentially 5 paragraphs.

From what I remember about making paragraphs, we need a topic sentence. Then we have supporting sentences that support the topic sentence and end it with a concluding sentence.

The structure has a beginning, middle, and end. Each sentence from the beginning, into the middle, to the last is connected like links in a chain.

I teach it often in the writing classes. I check to see if each sentence interlinks well into each other. When a new idea comes in, a transition is needed. All things are connected in a single piece of writing.

The thing is, when we go into our voices, how often do we stay within topic? I’ll admit, I’ve been away from writing for sometime.

Writing 200 words is daunting. Around the hundred word mark, my focus wavered. I have technically another three hundred sixty words to go, give or take. I’m not at the halfway point.

Then I remember to write about my day. Yeah, that’s the ticket isn’t it? Unless you’ve been laying in your bed all day (which I haven’t) You can recount the day and go through each thing you’ve done.

I had a temporary but real crisis in the morning: Da Missus lost money yesterday. She didn’t even know it until earlier in the morning.

It was a lot of money. A few hundred thousand won. For my part, I told her not to worry. She can check the places she’s been to and see if the money was left there.

On Thursday, she went to Da Boy’s school to do a free wood workshop. So far, she made a smartphone holder and shelves with Anne of Green Gables at the front. They both look nice and dandy.

Later she went with the other mothers to Bak’s for lunch. It’s possible she may have left the money there.

At that time, around 7:30am, the restaurant wasn’t open. The school barely opened its doors. When I told her the time, she got up. She barely sleep a few hours to celebrate her friend’s birthday but the worries made her attentive.

We rode to the school, checked out the classroom where she did her work.

No go.

We when back home. I assured her, regardless of the results, everything will be alright.

After sending Da Boy and Da Little One to school, we napped. Around 10, she gave a call to Bak’s about the envelope. The worker wasn’t sure if the envelope was there. A few minutes later, a call came back.

The envelope was there.

We drove the car to the restaurant. She saw the envelope. A big relief swept through her and me. We celebrated by having Chinese and large latte.

I continued the celebration by eating at McDonald’s. The Big Mac Set (Combo) was tasty and with warm icy Coke.

Though I failed to delay gratification, in terms of eating a burger,nI survived the day. I also reached over 500 words today.

In all things, one day at a time, eh?

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