Find Your Way

I’m reminded time and time again to know where I am now and know where I’m heading.

I’m in the midst of a potentially hectic schedule.

I’ve flubbed a few things due to procrastination (that will never go away) and finding other things that are much more pleasure like games and Facebook.

The time wasters will always be around until I curl up and die.

That said, I soldier on.

I still push myself to draw, to write, to take time to breathe, and most important, do the work.

I remind myself that I’m on the side of the road, not the road itself. The cars that come by and pass are those I don’t have to chase.

The pain and uncertainty are elements in my mind. I can let them pass like cars passing on the road.

The blue sky is always there, above the storm.

I can control my breath. I can control my actions. I can choose any emotions I want.

And with those tools in hand, I can find my way.

Through the sun. Through the clouds. Through the wind and rain.

Through the typhoon.

Time is short, yes. But we should never be too busy to do the things we care about daily.


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