Finding Purpose

If I had to tell anyone what they should do with their life, I would tell that person must have purpose.

Finding purpose is such a big deal. It is the why we live. It’s the difference between living a life struggling to make ends meet and hating it or doing so and loving each moment.

Finding purpose doesn’t mean you’ll become financially wealthy (though it can be your objective), but it has such a big impact on how happy you are.

We live only one life. If we are living according to what we want and having a blast, fantastic! You are one of the few of the billions on this planet that is doing the right thing.

I’m guessing that if everyone on this planet is living their purpose (and everyone has one like talent), there’s a good chance that we will live in a world that will be for the better.

So, ask yourself this question, “What is my life purpose?” Your first answer is most likely gonna suck. Asking and answering this question over and over is like building a muscle: You’ll get stronger and better in figuring this out.

It’s worth thinking and writing about over coffee and tea.

It’s worth talking about with close friends and family.

It’s worth finding one purpose and figuring out if it’s the right thing for you.

Go find your purpose and live it. If you find for 30 to 90 days it doesn’t fly with you, change it. Finding purpose is a process.

Did I say your first time figuring this out is gonna suck?

Getting going. I’m going to find mine.

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