Not enough water?

A lot of stress?

Is my life a mess?

Well, I have my reasons why I have a headache today. It’s not the pounding or throbbing kind. It’s light and in the back of my head.

And it’s not going to stop me from writing.

With the students preparing for their exams at the Institute, I’ve learned a valuable lesson: You can lead a horse to the trough, but you can’t get it to drink or eat.

I always hope that the students would give their all when they are here. But they do as they please.

Some will use their time wisely.

Many boys will socialize and talk about the games online or mobile. Many girls will talk about Facebook and their favorite K-pop boy groups.

I see teachers feeling frustrated with the lack of attention. I felt it as well; I mean I would like the students to be successful.

The best I can do is improve my classes. Make them more interesting. Change things up. Somehow show my appreciation to them.

My effort to connect and help is within my realm of control. I’ll keep thinking and adjusting and hope my efforts will yield good results.

This can also be applied to all parts of life, with family, my work, my ideas.

As I find my way, the headache dissipates. I guess that’s one way to cure a headache: Preoccupy it with solutions and work.

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