I’m so sleepy

I get this low energy at times.

I wonder if it’s because of the food I ate, the amount of exercise I did, or the amount of sleep I got. I just wish that I had good energy throughout the day. Is it too much to ask?

But here I am, sleepy and not willing to write the words down. I hated typing each word down. I despised that this was one of the tasks I had to do… no no no… I get to do for today.

I already have doubts that I could even reach a hundred words. Oh wait, I just went over it.

As I look beyond the screen, I see two students preparing for the final exams before summer kicks in full swing. Earlier in the day, there was some rain pouring down. It became a drizzle and eventually stopped.

Before I knew it, the micro-dust have come to settle into my neighbourhood.

Wait a minute, I have to put my head down. My eyes are so heavy and I can’t think properly.

Okay, I’m back up. I’m feeling a little better, yet I feel I need to make more concessions to close my eyes. I stand up and go look for some coffee in the other part of the institute.

I’m back again and I think I got my second wind.

And It’s Friday!

What does that mean?

It means we’re reaching the weekend. And maybe

And It’s Monday?!

And this is how fast my life is going. Everything in perspective…

And I’ll continue my writing in another post.

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