It’s the Little Things that Count

The Daily Tasks

10 to 20 minutes of meditation.

Reading and following instructions for a free coding course, step by step.

Writing different daily journals for 15 minutes.

Listening to binaural beats to (hopefully) raise my levels of concentration and work ethic.

Reading (sometimes) 50 pages a day of a book.

That one I gotta be doing every day.

Listening to podcasts that help me learn about business, life, financial and other little bitty things.

Playing two mind game apps that (hopefully) increases my cognitive skills.

Working on an online course that will help me with side-hustle.

Writing Cyper.

Drawing a sketch (or two).

Add them all up along with other things and it’s huge.

Seeing them as a singular task and they’re manageable.

I’m somewhere between finding my morning routine or on the verge of throwing everything out the window.

Such is the life I’m living now.

I want to be comfortable, but too much plushiness is gonna ruin my long-term health.

Too much stress brings tension to the shoulders and the back of my head.

I risk potential high-blood pressure and a breakdown of the body.

These days, I’m exercising much more than I ever had in the past several decades.

I really missed out on some fun stuff.

I really missed out on building some serious skills.

At my age, I get tempted to think that I have no skills and there’s no way I can achieve my dreams because I just wasn’t talented.

At the same time, I know that I know some things more than others.

I’m always reminding myself that I have something to offer but can still suck badly at many things.

Socrates said that he knows nothing.

I think it’s safe to say I know nothing as well.

I have and make many flaws.

But I’m not those mistakes.

I’m much more than that.

We’re much more than that.

Going back to the little things of life. If they are what you want, go them now.

Why delay that sketch? Why delay reading that book?

If we put our energies in the things we cared for, we would all be living better lives.

So make them count.

Create the process that will allow you to accomplish the little things.

If you do them each day, they will compound.

In a month, they will be significant.

In half a year, they will be pillars.

In over a year, they will be mountains of power.

And I’m reminded that today’s the best day to do the work.

And tomorrow will be its best time to do the work again.

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