Learn from Everything

Everything in this world can be a teacher if you let it.

I remember several times where I wished I had a mentor that would come and teach me all the solutions to my problems.

The thing is that the teachers were there that entire time when I was searching for answers.

I mean, how did I go about solving problems with my work? I searched for the answers. I couldn’t find them. I got frustrated because I didn’t get what I want. I searched again and again and again. Then the answers pop up. I used them and got the work done.

Now, having a teacher or mentor around would be great. The answers can come much more quickly. Lessons can be taught. Knowledge could be absorbed fast and deep.


My attitude these days is to feel grateful. The answers are there for me. From without, within.

Part of the solution is being mindful. Part of the solution is having goals. Part of the solution is to work at it.

Having faith that what you want is not only possible but inevitable.

So what have I, old chum? Just punch it out. Give it my all. If I don’t accomplish what I want, learn the lessons. Then, the next day, come back and go at it again.

As long as I keep going, I’ll win.

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