Life Is to Experience

Nobody knows why we’re here. On this small, seemingly blue planet.

It’s a mystery how our lives started and but not so much when our lives eventually end.

We don’t know if we’re heading home, to oblivion, to hell, or whatever.

It’s my hope that there is more to life than the end of this one. And it’s best to think that way than to say life is just… over.

This post is an experiment. You can say that every post I’ve written was an experiment; it was to figure out where to go, how to do things right, and correct the path if I go the wrong way.

For this post, I’m making a few changes. Only I’ll know if they had any impact.

For you, the reader, I hope that I’ve at least entertained you. Perhaps inspire you to do something?

But that’s expecting way, way too much.

If you had a good laugh, or thought, “This post is a bunch of hokey crap” would bring a smile to my face.


Putting Up the Curtains

It was a long, long time coming.

Da Missus was hinting nicely for weeks. When it came into the second month, Da Missus liked to yell in my ear how barren the veranda glass doors were.

I got the hint and growled we should put up the curtains that day.

But we didn’t.

3 weeks later… after making breakfast for the family, taking Da Little One to kindergarten, and listening to The James Altucher Show Podcast, and making a pot of good morning coffee for the Da Missus, I said, “Let’s put up the curtains,”.

Da Missus finally agreed.

We set up the chairs and got our screwdrivers.

We took off the old curtain frames (the curtains were taken down months ago). We screwed in the new curtain frames. With the weather being 30 degrees Celsius, I started to sweat all over the place.

We inserted the hooks into the curtains. We hung the curtains on the large, blackish plastic hooks.

And lo and behold, completion.

A high-five to Da Missus.

And here I am writing about it.

Yes, it was a long time coming and it looks good.

One of these days I have to fix the drain around the laundry machine. Every time it does a single wash, the drain clogs up and threatens to flood the laundry room.

Da Missus has my ear on that one. We gotta fix that one soon.

Life Is to Experience These Things

What can I say? Life is to experience the menial chores.

I enjoy making coffee and breakfast, washing the dishes, hanging the laundry, folding the clothes.

I admit that I do multitask while doing them, like listening to the podcast.

Sometimes, I look to do the task with my undivided attention.

Life is to experience everything with our full intention, focus, and sustain it to the end.

I don’t live a life of a financially wealthy person (yet), but I am appreciating these days.

I look to enjoy what I have now and I do like where I am at this point.

I hallucinate that things will get better and better as I keep working on the things that matter to me and my family.

All the steps forward has been worthwhile.

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