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A fine day to rest in the middle of the week.

Quarterly test time allows that.

After sending the Da Boy out to school and Da Little One to kindergarten, Da Missus and I headed off to a restaurant that served food on… bamboo.

We needed to reserve our spot two hours before since it takes that much time for the food to be prepared.

The food price was premium, but the amount was plentiful.

There was a choice of seafood, some beef, pork, and duck with the traditional Korean side dishes, all served on bamboo.

Even the rice was cooked in a bamboo cup along with daengjang stew.

A good lunch with Da Missus and friends.


After saying farewell to Da Missus’s friends, we headed off to Starfield.

It was a shopping mall designed in a Western style. I found it ironic that these shopping malls are popping up while the American and Canadian malls are dying out.

On a weekday, business seemed brisk. We found quite a few people wandering about, mostly young couples.

My favorite place was Electronic land(?), a store made for males while the women went shopping everywhere else.

It had an Apple Reseller, a Samsung shop, a LG shop, video games, models, RC racers… It even had an arcade at the back corner!

I saw the new iPad Pros the 12.9 and 10.5 inch displays.

They were zipping and crisp.

I tried the Apple Pencil on the 12.9 with the Memo app. On the previous 12.9 Pro, it was impressive and drew pretty close to real-time.

On the new iPad Pro, it was even better, if that was possible.

Writing was almost like writing on paper.

Sketching… Oh man, the control, the sensitivity.

I was tempted… But I moved on.

The rest of the shopping mall was the typical affair of clothing shops, food stands and department stores.

I was surprised and pleased to see a Boots Pharmacy!

After a couple hours of sightseeing, We went home.

Just think: we travelled around 35km to see a shopping mall. But we had fun.

Rest Is Work

Because it’s not often for me to rest on a non-red day, Da Missus wanted me to go out and have some fun.

And it was enjoyable. The food, the sights, and hanging out with Da Boys in the evening for pizza.

I was a bit tired at the end, but I’ll remember this moment well.

I don’t know if I’ll visit Starfield again(it is a bit far) but it was a fun visit.

Now if I could just try out the new Microsoft Surface Pro…

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