Running Low

It was much more tiring today.

I have my reasons for feeling what I’m feeling, but I press on.

I tell myself it is worth the effort to go through what I’m facing.

The low energy is seemly dangerous.

But the distractions help. Going to the Institute. Teaching the students. Working on some test papers here and there. Creating little sketches.

Reading the Bible. Praying.

Thinking about my family.

The key is to endure. In weakness, I can find strength.

I get to know that life isn’t easy.

The morning swim at 6am wasn’t easy. Yet, I pushed myself as hard as I can. It was a free swim, so that meant I can do whatever I wanted.

I kept at the front crawl. I can do it, but I struggle with certain mechanics. The swimming instructor saw that and told me to twist my body when I take my left arm out of the water. It’s similar to what I do on the right.

When I did the back stroke, I had the instructor reminding me to keep my arms straight when I’m using them to propel me.

Very helpful feedback. It helped me to swim with a lot less pain and greater speed.

I need to listen more carefully with a smile. They’re not out to get me. And even if they were, I’ll deal with it at that time.

The fatigue is strong. How much more can I go?

Until complete breakdown? Nah.

I don’t mind making a strong effort with whatever I do, but I’ll get my rest.


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