See It for what It Is

So one of the things I’m trying to do is see things as they are.

That means no emotional coloring, no extra thoughts, no additional circumstances, nothing.

Define the scenario, the situation with what’s in front of me. See the actions that are happening.

Simple enough. Hard to do.

Taking a step back and becoming an outsider helps. If you could be on top of the hill and see the theater of the battle below, you can figure out what can and cannot be done.

Call it for what it is: a spade is a spade. The guy is taller than me; his head is higher than mine.

I didn’t make the cut after two interviews.

You see it for what it is; then figure what you can do.

I can inform the troops to move right and maximize their attack. I have some cards that could deal with the spade. I can move much faster than that taller guy. I found out that I wasn’t a match for the company after finishing two interviews.

When we see it for what it is, we can figure a course of action. We can figure out how to maximize.

Most importantly, we can learn the lessons.

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