Sparks Fly

And they die.

Don’t cry.

And reach for the sky.

By and By.

Bye bye.

The thing I know for sure is that there is always something to write.

There’s always something to draw.

There’s always something to go for.

The reason we are seemingly blocked is that we don’t give ourselves a chance to figure things out.

We must realize the direct approach isn’t always the best approach.

We may have to climb over.

We may have to dig under.

We may have to sideswipe and punch to the side.



And dice.

When one thing doesn’t work, we try another. And another.

Until when? Until we finish what we wanted to do.

And what if you have nothing to do? Then you’re done. Move on.

I find that mindfulness allows me to approach the tasks in different angles.

I see a blue sky above.

I see the blue ocean ahead.

I see the wings that allow me to fly.

The solutions are there to solve the problems.

Ten and Ben.

Ren and Jen.

Gen and Men.

All in a row on the Glen.

Do I have a pen?

Yes, it’s in the den.

With the purple-colored hen.


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