Self-Blockage A lot of obstacles that are in front us are made by us. As much as we are our own friend, we are our own worst enemy. I know as much. To beat this game is press through the membrane. Then tear it. It’s not a brick wall. Everything you want is on the […]

Life + Tech In life, there’s tech. In where we live, we can’t avoid it. We have our smartphone in hand. We have a notebook close by. As much as we would like to minimize things in tech, we still maximize in tech. We can’t avoid it. We must avoid addiction and the eye candy […]

When Life Gets Crazy When I get up in the morning and think about what has to be done, I see a billion things in my mind’s eye. If I have thousands of urgent tasks, I freeze; I panic and stop my movements. I wonder what is my first step. It looks like everything I […]