Tennis Elbow Pain Relief

I had tennis elbow for several weeks now and I needed tennis elbow pain relief.

For the second time, I headed to the hospital that treated my tennis elbow previously.

As I entered the hospital, it brought me back to my first treatment.

The First Round of Therapy

That one was relatively painless. After meeting with the doctor and getting his prognosis, I was told to go into a room across from the doctor’s office.

The only slightly painful part was when I had to get an injection in the butt. Then I headed upstairs to the second floor to do physical therapy.

It started with a hot pack on my elbow. In a few minutes, the hot pack got so hot I buzzed the nurse to give me a second towel to insulate it from the heat.

Next was the massage. The nurse asked where the pain was and started massaging my right elbow with one or two massage pads connected to a machine for about 5 minutes.

Up next was the laser. The nurse told me to close my eyes so I don’t look at the laser. While my eyes closed, I could hear the laser periodically beeping and doing its laser thing.

Last was the pumping machine. I had two suction cups stuck to different parts of the elbow and sucking away. This went on the for 10 minutes.

The entire treatment was about 40 minutes.

Then I headed downstairs to pay for my treatment and get my prescription.

The Second Round of Therapy

The second time seemed more effective and, at the end, more painful.

I did the same prognosis, the injection in the butt, and physical therapy. It seemed like the nurse was a bit ruder when instructing me to face the wall, but it could be that I couldn’t understand what she was saying.

When I got downstairs, I had to wait.

And wait.

It was good that I had an e-book to read on my iPhone.

Then I headed back into the doctor’s office. I wonder why I was back.

The doctor instructed me to put my arm on his desk. Then he told me to look away.

Uh oh.

What I did see before I looked away was an injection needle.

Before I could think another thought, the first injection went in.

Then another.

And another.

They felt like they were going into the bone. It was like a micro stabbing here and there.

When it was done, the nurse brought the gauze and taped it to the injected part of the elbow.

The treatment was done. Time to pay.

When I heard the price, I had to ask for a receipt.

I saw the receipt and found the cost was almost 5 times more.

At least the prescription was reasonable.

The Treatment Aftermath

I left feeling relieved and upset.

My elbow seemed to feel better.

While the cost is worth getting my elbow better, I had no explanation of what or why they did what they did.

Later in the afternoon, I explained this to Da Missus and she made the call.

I understood what went wrong, but I felt the overall attitude and process stunk.

If I could go to another hospital, I would. But I don’t know if the next one would do any better.

Feeling Gratitude

The important thing is to feel thankful. I’m glad that I can get tennis elbow pain relief. I believe the pain will eventually go away.

I’m thankful that Da Missus took the time to talk and explain to me what happened. She felt sorry that she couldn’t be there to help.

I’m simply thankful that she cared.

At the end of the day, my elbow got better. Now I have to keep taking my meds, and if necessary, go through another round of physical therapy.

Maybe I’ll have to do those seven injections again. Look, if that helps treat and improve my elbow, I’ll do it.

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