The First Day Is a Fluke

So I wrote a thousand words.

A pat on the back. A smile. A reward.

Today, I take the exercise to write a thousand words.

I woke up at 4:30am. I managed to wake up and meditate for 20 minutes. Then I read the Bible.

And I went swimming. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00am for an hour.

I walked to the swimming pool and back. A good two and a half kilometers.

I really wanted to take a nap before I headed out to do some errands in the morning. But a few prayers for my family and packing my things, I had little choice but go out when I finished clipping my nails.

Da Missus asked if I needed a drive to the subway station. I told it was good and I took the bus.

The morning errand went without a hitch. It was the first of a few during January. For all I know, the morning errand could be my last.

Or it could be more.

I would head off to another errand in the afternoon.

I felt the energy flow well.

Part of the second errand required me to move furniture. It was a spur of the moment.

I was tempted to complain, but I remember the serenity prayer.

God give me the Serenity

to accept the things I cannot change.

And I knew the moving the furniture was something I could not change.

So I went through it as smoothly as I could. With a smile.

Fewer words. More action.

Before I knew it, I got it done, with the help of some.

The second errand got done quickly enough, but I had to stick around to see some things. Then I headed back home.

DeMar DeRozan Scores 52 Points

I just want to say… Damn. Wow. That performance was Vince Cartereque. A dunk would have been nice, but who’s complaining?

He shot enough threes like Vince.

He passed when doubled.

He read the Bucks defense like his A, B, Cs.

He looked unstoppable when I saw the highlights.

Different news and blogs thought the same.

And he recorded the most points in a regular season game as a Raptor.

More than Vince Carter. More than Terrance Ross.


If there was more news for me to read, I would have devoured it.

There isn’t. For now. I’m looking for more.

The Last Jedi Sucks?

When my friend wrote The Last Jedi was bad… really bad, I was shocked.

He was one of those guys that talked Star Wars deeply, philosophically.

I have a few friends that talk this way.

I personally enjoy Star Wars, but I dropped the ball.

The schedule with work and family prevented me to go out and watch it.

I missed Blade Runner 2049… But I digress.

Anyways, on New Year’s Day, I saw The Last Jedi available at CGV Yongsan I Park in IMAX Laser 3D on the CGV website.

Two tickets cost 30,000 Won.


I thought Da Boy wanted to see it, but he was too tired to get up, sleeping so late into the morning.

I stressed whether I should go or not.

The cost of the tickets, the opinion of one friend made me balk.

It isn’t likely I’ll catch it now.

But for some reason, I regret not seeing Blade Runner 2049 more than The Last Jedi.

Were the negative vibes that strong?

I even asked a dumb question of whether I should see it or not to my friend. I don’t he replied considering what he wrote in Facebook.


This may have been the second reason.

At 5pm, I was going to see Nanta with the family.

Nanta is a live theatrical event that use members of the audience to advance the action. It involves cooks, knives, plates, food.

The story is simply three cooks and the owner’s nephew creating a wedding dinner.

There was a lot of dancing, rhythmic drumming, a slight romance, martial arts, and acrobatics.

At nearly two hours, it woke me up. I was nearly dozing before the show.

I’ll say it’s entertaining. Da Missus and Da Boys enjoyed it, especially Da Little One. I would recommend it to families, but note there was one scene that involves kissing… It wasn’t a big deal, but maybe some people could be offended by it.

After the show, we walked around and absorbed the lively scene in Hongdae.

Lots of young couples and kids. Lots of fashion shops, restaurants, novelties.

For dinner, we headed to a Japanese ramen shop. It was unique dining. We paid first at a kiosk with a credit card. Once that was done, we headed to an empty booth. We gave our coupons to a waiter that was on the side of the booth.

We waited and our orders arrived.

I had a Dongkatsu set. It was meaty. The miso soup had seafood and pork. It was filling and tasty.

I would recommend checking it out for a different take of Japanese food.


I’m pretty exhausted. When I think about tomorrow, I’m fearful. I don’t think I’ll do the work I need to do.

I wasn’t even sure if I was going to write today.

But I felt I needed to do this.

I emptied my clip on what I did the past day.

It’s dangerous to go into writing without having something prepared beforehand.

I’m glad I had some things I’ve done today and yesterday.

This allowed me to write down the stuff.

I know this post has filled with crap.

Again, I’m going into this to write for the sake of writing.

I’m staying in my daylight compartments.

If I go further than that, I would have crashed and burned in my bed and slip.

After I write, I draw. I don’t know what to draw.

I will not fear. I will plunge in.

Tomorrow I had some real work I want to do.

I’m scared of doing that. But no excuses. They will be executed.

Like this post. Like the sketches I’m going to make.

Plunge through and improve.


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