The Memory Fades

As much as I would like to rely on my memory for the things I do, it doesn’t hold the things inside for long.

Maybe the things I wanted to remember weren’t that important. Maybe my memory sucks. To be safe, it’s best to put them down on paper.

For example, I had some ideas for potential posts for Cyper. I had about 2 to 3 ideas for potential posts.

At the time, I was in the middle of some things, but I did have enough time to write them down. I decided that I will trust my memory would hold long enough for me to write them down at a more convenient time.


I had let them slip through my mind. They’re gone. For now.

And this post is the lesson I’ve learned from that.

I think working on your memory is good when the practice is intentional, like memorizing vocabulary or when you have some passages in the textbook you have to commit to your brain. A lot of repetition and commitment is made, so they would be stored well in the mind.

For practical purposes, I think I was leaving too much to chance. It just takes one or several things to rock my boat and those elements knock out the things I had in my memory. And in this case, they were ideas.

I’ll keep a memo and pen near me as much as I can. I’ll write and draw the rare flashes of inspiration.


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