What Should I Write?

Occasionally, I wonder to myself, “What should I write?”

Today, I had no clue what I’m going to write. It was because I got caught up with the day. The family needed me for different things. My work demanded my attention. I had to get over here and there.

These things got compounded and before I knew it, the sun went down.

Now I’m hardly a super duper writer, but I love to write. And I want to write every day.

The solution to a lack of topics is you just sit your butt down and write something.

You can’t always have the sun shining down on your face.

Sometimes the clouds come out. Or tornadoes appear within minutes and tear apart the houses and fields around you.

Whatever is your calling, you get to work and finish it.

Have Faith

When entering the unknown, you gotta believe something will come out when you’re present and active.

It’s possible that whatever you do could turn out to be a piece of crud.

Don’t let it get in your head.

You fight your way to produce something.

You push the brain into the realm of discomfort.

This is where real growth happens.

This mental pain is gain.

And eventually, after the groans, moans, and the gnashing of teeth, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Prep the Topics

Yeah, I know. I should have had some ideas ready to go.

Unfortunately, I left my ideas at home.

Excuses, excuses.

That being said, we should have a lot of ideas written down.

Going back to James Altucher (he’s been an inspiration these days), he mentions about how you should write down ten ideas each day.

I actually do that. Just not writing topics.

I can also go into apps like Prompts or Feedly to gain some ideas.

Sharpening the axe will certainly help cut the tree down in a shorter time.


And that’s what I’m doing now. Freewriting.

Oh yeah, this sure looks more organized.

I’ve let myself get caught in editing my writing while doing this. I’ve hampered myself.

I know that if I’m going to do one thing, I go for it without reservations.

And I don’t follow the rules of doing good writing.

One of these days, I’ll get myself to follow these proven techniques, right?

For What It’s Worth

When I fall into uncertainty, I fall into danger.

There’s a good chance I may get into a rut. I can feel it.

I may have a real fight on my hands. My fists and nose could get pretty bloody.

The anticipation of problems could help me solve my problems tomorrow.

It’s going to depend upon whether I learn from this lesson or not.

The funny thing is that I learn it and then forget it.

What can I do? I have to get over it.

A lot of the problems are created by us. It’s rare for the mistakes to come from the outside.

So remember when the ideas seem to run dry:

  1. Believe that you can bring it out from the brink
  2. Have a treasure trove of ideas in a notebook.
  3. Throw all caution to the wind and plunge into the unknown.

What should I write? Or what should I draw? What should I do?

Never doubt you can do it and get it done.

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