Writing Daily

So I’m in writing everyday mode.

After this, I’m going look over the posts I’ve written this week.

I’m not excited about this. But, I think, if I start reading them again, I’ll relearn the lessons I’ve experienced and become better.

I won’t know until I get through them.

Late last night, I watched Ender’s Game. A cerebral movie for me.

It was a cerebral movie for me. I see Ender, a person focused and determined to climb the ladder before him, which in hindsight isn’t the ladder he would’ve climbed in the first place.

But that happens when you don’t have much of a choice.

Actually, he does try to get out of the climb. But the people that believe that the enemy is keen on destroying the human race pushed Ender into a situation he felt uncomfortable.

A lot of death. Ender does what he feels would prevent further confrontations. He and Tony Stark from the MCU have that common thought: They like that one solution that would end all related problems.

But they don’t realize the consequences of actions until it is too late.

I had a few goals today in terms of cleaning up the apartment, helping Da Boy, and doing my own stuff.

It’s late in the game, but I somehow got them done.

Did having my time of mindfulness helped in doing that?


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