And they die. Don’t cry. And reach for the sky. By and By. Bye bye. The thing I know for sure is that there is always something to write. There’s always something to draw. There’s always something to go for. The reason we are seemingly blocked is that we don’t give ourselves a chance to […]

Everything in this world can be a teacher if you let it. I remember several times where I wished I had a mentor that would come and teach me all the solutions to my problems. The thing is that the teachers were there that entire time when I was searching for answers. I mean, how […]

As much as I would like to rely on my memory for the things I do, it doesn’t hold the things inside for long. Maybe the things I wanted to remember weren’t that important. Maybe my memory sucks. To be safe, it’s best to put them down on paper. For example, I had some ideas […]

So I’m in writing everyday mode. After this, I’m going look over the posts I’ve written this week. I’m not excited about this. But, I think, if I start reading them again, I’ll relearn the lessons I’ve experienced and become better. I won’t know until I get through them. Late last night, I watched Ender’s […]

Meditation. Breathe deeply and slowly. Close the eyes. Think about the weight on your chair and the floor. Be aware the sounds and physical movements on your body. Let your mind do whatever it wants. Get back to the environment of sounds and the body. Open the eyes. It was nothing like I know about […]

So I’m making minor adjustments, here and there. It’s been manageable. I get tempted to do more. A lot more. But at the end of the day, I only have so much time. I easily squander the minutes to some frivolous things; I make just enough changes in the day. The key is simple and […]

So one of the things I’m trying to do is see things as they are. That means no emotional coloring, no extra thoughts, no additional circumstances, nothing. Define the scenario, the situation with what’s in front of me. See the actions that are happening. Simple enough. Hard to do. Taking a step back and becoming […]

The second day of writing is difficult. Actually every day is hard. I’m not making it easier by using the iPad to write this post. Instead of complaining, I tell myself it’s a chance to try something new. It’s a chance to use tools I don’t usually use. I’m going out of my comfort zone. […]

I’m here to begin once more. Consistently. I know that when I do start writing regularly, that’s when the greatest danger happens. I feel that I have arrived. And stop. I must never, never, ever feel I’ve reached the end. I mean there is an end. And that’s at the end of life. So I […]