The Snow Parade Just when I thought I wouldn’t get worse, I did. The key is to continue on with the show. I had my reservations. I mean do I have to do this or that? Am I so compelled to do the work here and there? The answer is yes. No Excuses and Complaints […]

Going Over Some Bad Patches Today was a day of sun and dark clouds. In the morning I felt alright. I did my morning swim and pep rally. I took Da Little One to a nice new playground, where he played with cubes, balls, and loud, traditional, musical, Korean instruments and other kids. In the […]

The Limits of Time Every human on Earth only has 24 hours a day. cialis 20 mg works We maintain or lose time because of our skills, the environment, and resources. Gaining or saving time is an illusion. We either spend the time well or squander it. That means, we have a limit of what […]

2016 Close at Hand With 2016 almost over, we look to change ourselves for the better for 2017. We make New Year’s resolutions to improve our health, our finances, our relationships with God, friends, and family. We mean well, but the changes we vowed to do in the first month fizzles out in days, if […]

Life + Tech In life, there’s tech. In where we live, we can’t avoid it. We have our smartphone in hand. We have a notebook close by. As much as we would like to minimize things in tech, we still maximize in tech. We can’t avoid it. We must avoid addiction and the eye candy […]

Small and Mighty When the dog bites, when the bee stings When I’m feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things And then I don’t feel so bad – From The Sound of Music A huge cruise liner is coming to port. It uses its massive engines to cross oceans and power all the things […]

Apple Seems Lost In the back of my head for several months, I felt something was missing in Apple. I made tweets about it. Steve Jobs passed away about 5 years ago. I'm seeing Apple being leaped over by Microsoft, Google, and other companies. — Mike Chung (@macklc) October 27, 2016 How about the next […]

The Process of Life All the things we do is a process. Whether we are doing the laundry, washing the dishes, preparing medicine for a child, or checking a test paper, the right steps taken will yield the best, possible results. Many of the things we do don’t require rocket science or the Theory of […]

A Cold Winter Day It was one of those days. It started on Friday. The day was chilly and I wore my long-johns. Considering I was at the institute for over nine hours and didn’t sleep too well the past few days, I was ringing a recipe that would take my well-being away. When Saturday […]