Whoa… What’s Going on Here?

A lot of things have changed in WordPress since I last saw it.

I don’t know what happened, but I’ll just write.

No, I can’t just simply write.

No, I can simply write. Just realize that this is going to be a mess and it’s not likely that anyone is going to read this.

That said, let’s go.

The Changes I See in WordPress

I see that WordPress is much more intuitive. Each time I press return, it is a new block.

I’ve seen this before the last time I wrote.

The sidebar is gone.

The background color is a dark aqua. This is a bit unusual. Keep observing and writing.

I’m writing this on my iPad Pro 11 inch. It’s quite… comfortable.

If I tap on the screen, I can get some options.

If I’m done, how do I post?

Oh. It looks like a bar comes down if I tap it right.

Very, very intuitive.

Alright, that’s it for today. I’ll work on this craft bit by bit. It looks like fun. 🙂

I’ll look to write about stuff that I’ll be interested in reading.

What Else?

Well, I’ll write some things I have in my mind. My hope is write about things that can encourage people. Encourage myself. Things like that.

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