Filling Up All morning, I read article after article from websites and emails to fill myself up with ideas. After going through all that, I felt like I ate 10 ramen packets: heavy calories, not many nutrients. Well, it wasn’t that bad. It was fun reading the articles about how to gain ideas, Ethereum, and […]

I remember this line, “Anger is an energy,” from a song called, Rise from Public Image Ltd. I was in elementary school at the time when I heard the song on the radio on CFNY 102.1 and saw the video on MuchMusic. The song was catchy when John Lydon started with the lines, “I could […]

My Struggles With the Morning Routine When you slide, you slide hard. I disappeared for days, not finding enough time in the morning to write. I had this stubbornness of thinking I should be doing things in a certain way. I was demanding a morning routine without having the proper discipline to do so. When […]

I’ll say it again and again: It’s such a big deal to show kindness to yourself. Unfortunately, when I think I’m going to take a tumble and fall, I think I like to fall badly. Like off of cliffs. At first, I felt the shame and embarrassment. I can hear myself snickering, “I mean, where’s […]

Occasionally, I wonder to myself, “What should I write?” Today, I had no clue what I’m going to write. It was because I got caught up with the day. The family needed me for different things. My work demanded my attention. I had to get over here and there. These things got compounded and before […]

I had tennis elbow for several weeks now and I needed tennis elbow pain relief. For the second time, I headed to the hospital that treated my tennis elbow previously. As I entered the hospital, it brought me back to my first treatment. The First Round of Therapy That one was relatively painless. After meeting […]

Nobody knows why we’re here. On this small, seemingly blue planet. It’s a mystery how our lives started and but not so much when our lives eventually end. We don’t know if we’re heading home, to oblivion, to hell, or whatever. It’s my hope that there is more to life than the end of this […]

Preparation time is so important. As I get older, I realize how essential it is to get ready as much as I can. No matter how much I think I’m ready, I’m always missing something when it’s time to go. So how bad is it when you have nothing ready and you think you can […]

Seek the best but never perfection. Perfection doesn’t exist. I get this impression of perfection from school. Particularly tests, assignments, and projects. While some parts of academics can show a student is perfect (math, science, spelling, grammar) most forms of perfection are subjective (essays, artwork, presentations, speeches, etc.) I chased perfection in areas I thought […]