A fine day to rest in the middle of the week. Quarterly test time allows that. After sending the Da Boy out to school and Da Little One to kindergarten, Da Missus and I headed off to a restaurant that served food on… bamboo. We needed to reserve our spot two hours before since it […]

Apple Seems Lost In the back of my head for several months, I felt something was missing in Apple. I made tweets about it. Steve Jobs passed away about 5 years ago. I'm seeing Apple being leaped over by Microsoft, Google, and other companies. — Mike Chung (@macklc) October 27, 2016 How about the next […]

A Computer Ahead of Its Time Amiga was a computer that was fascinating because of its ability to do things that other computers couldn’t do good weight loss supplements. In its heyday, the Amiga was superior in terms of graphics and sound. It displayed up to 64 out of a palette of 4096 colours. Its […]

Taking Sides I used to be sided. I took sides on which computer was the best. First, it was Apple. My brother got an Apple ][e as a gift from my parent and boy was I hooked. I found games to play from Ultima III to Captain Goodnight. I found magazines from Byte to Apple Incider […]