So late to start. At the same time, so early as well. Anyhow. Trash Talk Episode #2 Just been watching GaryVee: Gary goes to garage sales, find items that (likely) has the potential to sell more online. He sure knows his stuff. I think this would be doable from my area in Toronto and the […]

I have constant fear when it comes to learning new things. I remember seeing Photoshop for the first time in a art studio I resided for a year. I thought it was fantastic that you can create art, colour your illustrations. And I was deathly afraid of it. I saw my other friends that were […]

Get Back to Writing I’ve been meaning to do this for months. Then I came across this post from Medium. And that did it. But I’ve haven’t written it yet. What is my true sentence? At times, I’ve seen this one true sentence during the day. I’ve heard it while going on the bus to the English […]

Time has passed quite quickly. And I feel lost in the midst of it all. I think, looking at my smartphone, brings this feeling of being lost. So much information. So much goodness. So much pain. The real world is full of everything on top of that. I’m feeling pretty down, especially from a beatdown […]

Writing 500 words is essentially 5 paragraphs. From what I remember about making paragraphs, we need a topic sentence. Then we have supporting sentences that support the topic sentence and end it with a concluding sentence. The structure has a beginning, middle, and end. Each sentence from the beginning, into the middle, to the last […]

I get this low energy at times. I wonder if it’s because of the food I ate, the amount of exercise I did, or the amount of sleep I got. I just wish that I had good energy throughout the day. Is it too much to ask? But here I am, sleepy and not willing […]

I can feel the tension now. It never goes away. It comes back every time I venture into something creative like drawing or writing. I probably had my tails between my legs for so long that I didn’t they all got stuck up my ass. So why bother? I guess I’m looking for a change. I’m […]

So I wrote a thousand words. A pat on the back. A smile. A reward. Today, I take the exercise to write a thousand words. I woke up at 4:30am. I managed to wake up and meditate for 20 minutes. Then I read the Bible. And I went swimming. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00am for […]

I can feel my neck tensing. From here I have another 889 words to go. I hate doing this. But I want to do this. I want to impact my life in a positive direction. I’m tempted to edit, but I’m going to hold off. Until I reach a thousand words. I know what I’m […]

I got this from the podcast 99% Invisible. I recommend you check it out. It’s quite unique, finding things that are visible on Earth but not seen often. Working by Design It’s hard to think of all things by design. I mean some things are easy, like some aspects of work, like making worksheets, booklets, […]