There are no shortcuts. As much as you want to cut the line, skip a few steps, cheat, lie, whatever, you’ll find the short cut is actually the long cut. It could even be the longest cut possible. This is the lesson I’ve learned and am still learning. When I realize I have to work […]

Anger is a loss of control. If you’re angry at a person, you’ve lost your control to that person. If you’re angry at a car that just zipped by you, you lost your control to the driver that zipped passed you. If you’re angry because the food you ordered was completely wrong, you lost your […]

Self-Blockage A lot of obstacles that are in front us are made by us. As much as we are our own friend, we are our own worst enemy. I know as much. To beat this game is press through the membrane. Then tear it. It’s not a brick wall. Everything you want is on the […]