Audio Transcription

This is an experiment.

The article I read yesterday recommended Rev if I wanted to earn money doing audio transcription. So I went in.

I didn’t know what was a better choice between a Transcriptionist or a Captioner, so I choose the first one and see what happens next.


Oh, okay.

I’ll try for the captioner.

Okay, I made some progress on this one.

First, I’m doing this English grammar test to test my English abilities. Seems scary… Well, it wasn’t too bad.

After that, I went through the style guide. This may take a little time, they explain a lot of the rules for captioning.

An education indeed. To be continued…

I am Reminded…

Nothing is instant. Everything worth doing requires work. My attention span and focus need work. The priority is to write the post, so I am back. I will look at Rev captioner freelancer job a little more closely after I finish writing.

10 Ideas to earn money at this point:

  1. Rev
  2. Freelancer
  3. Spreadshirt
  4. Red Bubble
  5. Society6
  6. Freelance Writing
  7. Finding extra work at the English institute
  8. Graphic design
  9. Illustration
  10. Part-time work

Wow, that was hard to do. My focus is all over the place.

Try to Improve my Health

I am still sick with a cold. The runny nose is annoying. I keep stuffing tissue into both nostrils while I write. My nose is runny as a trickling stream.

I did drink a couple of cups of water. That prompted a couple of trips to the bathroom.

After I finish writing this post, I will take a small nap. Then back to work on some stuff for work.

The Posts Are Uneven, eh?

The exercise is to write about five hundred words minimum. It is sometimes coming down quickly. Right now, it is slow going. But I will stick with it until I get it done.

They are mostly me thinking out loud and plunking the words down. At times, I feel some organization was needed and I did so. Many of the times are random. A real fight to get it done. I really am thankful for anyone reading the posts. I am sure there are not too many that will get to the end.

Quite a few people visit cyper. I am sure that they are so eager to read what I got. Bit by bit, I try to plan and make the posts better. I need to get smarter and maintain the quantity.

Physical Limitations but Screw That

Man, my chest feels burdened. My eyes are watery. I am tearing up a bit here.

I keep telling myself, the work has meaning. I do enjoy this time writing. Appreciate this life and get going on what you want to do. Scratch, scrawl, struggle.

Play in the mud.

Don’t bother anyone else but yourself. Make most of what you got.

I feel pain. But I can dictate what I want to do. It is about the process and enjoying it. I hope that you enjoyed reading this.

See you tomorrow. 🙂

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