When Life Gets Crazy When I get up in the morning and think about what has to be done, I see a billion things in my mind’s eye. If I have thousands of urgent tasks, I freeze; I panic and stop my movements. I wonder what is my first step. It looks like everything I […]

Be Counted For If you’re going to go anywhere in life, you have to be there Find Out More. You have to come into the office. You have to turn on the computer and run the program. You have to type in the words, draw the pen strokes. You got to keep at it for […]

Procrastination I keep pushing things off. I push off on things that concern my family. I push off on my exercises. I push off my routines. I push off on the things that involve my job. I push off on writing this post. Then, what got me here? To write? The pain of not getting […]

A Computer Ahead of Its Time Amiga was a computer that was fascinating because of its ability to do things that other computers couldn’t do good weight loss supplements. In its heyday, the Amiga was superior in terms of graphics and sound. It displayed up to 64 out of a palette of 4096 colours. Its […]

Give Thanks to All Things Each day, we need to count our blessings. We get caught up with our family, work, studies, beliefs, and whatever is just in front of us. It’s easy to get angry, to hate something, and to feel miserable because you missed the bus. When things don’t go our way, we […]

The Pressure Gauges and Meters Inside each car dashboard, there are different meters and gauges that tell you the car’s temperature, speed, RPM, and gas. They are important since they tell you how hot the car’s engine is, how fast the car is going, the amount of power is in the engine, and how much […]

At Koo Koo Restaurant After helping with the morning presentations at my institute, we headed out to a all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. It had sushi galore. It also had pizza and fried chicken. It had four types of jello (apple, coconut, mango, grape), ice cream, 2 types of slushy (papaya and strawberry) and so on. I […]

Scared of the Morning? On this Monday morning, I felt this dread. It could be due to my first boy heading off with his classmates to Jeju Island. It could be that I want to have a warmer, kinder relationship with my second one. It could be because I want to find a way to […]

Taking Sides I used to be sided. I took sides on which computer was the best. First, it was Apple. My brother got an Apple ][e as a gift from my parent and boy was I hooked. I found games to play from Ultima III to Captain Goodnight. I found magazines from Byte to Apple Incider […]

Going for a Swim So I swim twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. I do it for the exercise; I feel stronger and burn down the calories throughout the day. The swimming instructor pushes us to do a little bit more. An extra stroke here, move the legs faster there, take a second faster to […]