It seems that I misunderstood what being vulnerable means. I think it’s safe to say I’m not going to make much sense in this post. Bear with me. I’ve thought that I’m an open kind of person. I can see another person’s view, respect it, maybe agree with it. But looking back, I think I’m […]

It was much more tiring today. I have my reasons for feeling what I’m feeling, but I press on. I tell myself it is worth the effort to go through what I’m facing. The low energy is seemly dangerous. But the distractions help. Going to the Institute. Teaching the students. Working on some test papers […]

Not enough water? A lot of stress? Is my life a mess? Well, I have my reasons why I have a headache today. It’s not the pounding or throbbing kind. It’s light and in the back of my head. And it’s not going to stop me from writing. With the students preparing for their exams […]

Know that desperation can create feeble results if you mind, heart, and soul was totally consumed by it. Desperation also creates energy and an unusual amount of focus and drive. A balance must be struck. Practice of any task is a given. How much? Where the muscle memory is firmly in place. That means your […]

Life, at times, doesn’t go the way you want. The process of planning and writing can be made and all you have junk in your hands. When you’re not ready for it, things get pretty chaotic. Like now. Yet I struggle with it. I want to work at it. I expect to get something done. […]

I get angry when things don’t go my way. I get angry when I see something could be done better. I get angry when I get cut off by a faster driver. Anger is such an easy thing to accomplish with simple incentives. But as I have been meditating the past 3 weeks, I found […]

I was trying to figure out how to change languages on this Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad. I figured it would be some sort of combination of keys. Up to now, I couldn’t get it done. Then a strange combination of taps did the trick. The problem is that I don’t know how to revert […]

When you’re desperate, you don’t want anything to stop you at all. For me, I have a bunch of things I want to get done. I want to draw. I want to write. I want to build my online endeavors. Reality states I can only do so much. I’d rather beg to differ. I push […]

I now think that I’ve been afraid of many things. It’s been like that for more than half my life. I’m afraid of my family. I’m afraid of my work. I’m afraid of taking the steps to find alternative means to provide for my family. I’m afraid of my friends. I’m afraid of my enemies. […]

Whatever comes in your life, accept them. Let them in. Now that does not mean react. Don’t start painting colors on each thought or event. Do the best you can to see each comfort or discomfort. And then let them go. A lot of crap does come. They come many shapes and sizes. Some look […]