I’m trying to get back to making content. I’m also getting my kids into the act. The summer’s here and the time’s right for my kids to make stuff. Things they like every day. We eat too much content. We get a kick out of the entertainment in YouTube (big time), Facebook (big time but […]

I feel stupid. I don’t think I have anything of value when I write something. Whether it’s here at Cyper, my journal, whatever. SLAP! I just caught a mosquito. It had blood inside. (Incredible.) And there are more mosquitoes flying around. I’m certain of it. You should add Elementor into Cyper! My mind is all […]

Everything is to your benefit if you want it to be. It is our perception that determines the situation. Ah, so you’re an optimist. Yeah, you can think that way when you see what I’ve written. The thing is, would you rather feel rotten of what has happened? Or you would rather seek the lesson […]