My Bit About Apple

Taking Sides

I used to be sided. I took sides on which computer was the best.

First, it was Apple. My brother got an Apple ][e as a gift from my parent and boy was I hooked. I found games to play from Ultima III to Captain Goodnight. I found magazines from Byte to Apple Incider that had programs I could make with Apple Basic. I remembered almost getting a game working where the player had to escape an ice cave before he or she froze to death.

I sneered more or less at the Commodore 64, the Atari 400 and 800, the TRS-80. Those computers couldn’t compare the durability and size of the ][e case, the glowing (and possibly radioactive) Monitor III, the two Disk ][ disk drives, the numerous five and a quarter inch floppies, the beeps and miscellaneous sounds. I was nuts for a good 3 years.

Sometimes We Have to be a Little Crazy

Looking back at that time, I found passion and obsession. Such traits focused on the right things can bring a success. I’m sure I haven’t lost any of those traits.

I think it’s imperative for us to be nutty. We need activities that get us to work to no end and God-willing, earn our daily bread.

Learning From Being a Crackpot

The Apple ][e left these lessons of being driven to play, to code, and finding some ends to meet.

I think we must search and seek for the things that us batty. We must love and cherish deeply. Let them be your energy. When you find such things, never let go.


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