What the Heck?

Clearing the Board

Okay, what the heck happened here?!

You can call it a fresh start. Sort of.

I’m thinking about bringing back the posts and at the same time just restarting things over. I haven’t made a decision on it.

So Why?

I’m going through an experiment of sorts. Pushing for changes. Some of the problems in WordPress also made me think I had cut bait and loose change.

It was a hard choice. I had thousands of posts and comments. But I couldn’t feel growth with the previous format. In all things in life, I believe we must grow and expand daily. Whether it’s massive or minuscule, growth and improvement is a must.

My hope is addition through subtraction. In my eyes, this is bold and scary. It is also exciting to see where I will go with all this.

What Stuff is Going to be Posted?

I like life. I like the things I learn from my life and others. As an English teacher, I see life grow and stagnate in students and teachers. I also see life growing in my family. So the stories and lessons I’ve learned in life was be posted and I hope that those lessons can serve the readers well.

And there’s tech.

I’m going to write my views on the what’s happening in the tech world. If I see a cool or crappy product, I want to talk about that. I’m probably going to criticize the things happening in the tech industry and point out what I think is right.

Where’s the Art?

At this point, I don’t think I have the energy to post art that is worth posting. I’m certainly sketching notes and doodles. Currently, I’m using a blue-paper sketchbook and writing with white, light blue, and violet ink. It’s actually cool to write and draw this way! I wish that I’ve done this sooner.

Be Bold in All I do

Whatever I do in my life, I want to give it my all. Fight for that inch or let it come to me. Be real in this insane world. If you’re here, that’s great. I hope I can be of help, good or bad amusement. All the best.

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