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Apple Seems Lost

In the back of my head for several months, I felt something was missing in Apple. I made tweets about it.

And when I saw this article, it mentions a lot of things in my mind.

It looks like Apple has lost its way.

What’s missing? Oh boy. Where do I start? I’ll start with the Macintosh.

The Computer I Wanted to Buy 3 Years Ago.

In my previous English institute job, I was insanely jealous.

All of my students had either an MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro. They went to these English private schools that required all their students to have Mac. And me? I had my Samsung Series 5 notebook that was 5 years old then.

It was made like a tank: Sturdy and heavy. The AMD chip chugged along like diesel truck with half the power of its counterpart Intel core processor. It had 6 GB of RAM but it sure didn’t feel like it.

But I couldn’t complain. It did the job.

And as for the Macs? Dang. They looked beautiful. The MacBook Pros had their slot loading CDs. You had a slot to put in a memory card. You had HDMI connector, a Magnetic charger they fell out easily if someone tripped on the cord (and that happened many times), 4 USBs. The only issue I had was its expandability, but the students could’ve upgraded the hard drive or RAM if they wished.

The sleek Macs made my Samsung notebook feel like lead weight.

I told myself that one of these days I would buy a Mac. And I would create the things I’ve wanted to my hearts content.

Flashback to Today

So Apple released their latest Macs after 2 and a half years about a month ago.

Meh. At least the commercials looked nice.

For the price and power, Apple has definitely lost something. MacOS is fine. The apps and software is alright. The hardware leaves me wanting badly.

I mean, where are the freakin’ ports? Where’s magnetic charger? Where’s the slot to load memory cards? Where’s HDMI? Where’s the USB??!

You want me to purchase a professional notebook with 4 Thunderbolt ports? What the.. Wha?!

Are you nuts?!

Yes, I said it. Apple has gone off the deep end creating a profession notebook that doesn’t look like a professional notebook. Yes, I’m part of the group that thinks Apple is shortchanging its rabid fanbase.

Going to the Other Side

At this point in my life, the notebook I would rather buy is from the enemy, Microsoft. More specifically, Microsoft Surface Pro 4. There I said it.

So Why?

For a guy that likes to draw stuff, that’s one reason. Another is Windows 10. It’s the real thing with a tablet to boot. It has a pen that will cover enough of my sketching and illustrating. If it’s i7, I can do a little 3D.

This tablet can load microSDs, has USB slots, and has a Mini DisplayPort.

To sum up why I would buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Creativity and Connectivity.

So can a Mac do that?

What Apple Should Do With the Mac

Here’s what I would do with the Mac:

  1. Make it simple again: MacBook and MacBook Pro. 2 screen sizes for each.
  2. Screw this thin business. Make the MacBook Pro a little thicker to re-implement the magnetic charger, Mini DisplayPort, SD Slot, along with the 4 ThunderBolt ports, 2 USB ports, and audio port for the headphones and microphone. For the MacBook, Get at least 1 USB in there with USB-C.
  3. Beef up the battery to 20 hours.
  4. Make sure updates are done once a year.
  5. Want to talk about courage Apple? Add touch to the screens. Yeah, I said it. Bring touch to MacOS. How? Something way better than how it’s done with Microsoft Surface.
  6. Look to implement A chip series to the Mac.

I didn’t even touch the surface (ahem) on what changes must happen to the Mac. Apple must make the Mac environment robust and fascinating. I want to see the excitement I see with Microsoft Surface. The joke about the big-ass table is not a joke anymore.

Tim Cook, stop being a Steve Ballmer. Make things happen in 2017.

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